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The three remaining ELECTRIC CHAIRS, VAL, J.J., and HENRI, spent the following months doing a spectacular tour of lawyers offices, in a bid to sort out their affairs and retrieve their instruments, and during this period they decided to pursue a more musically and contractually democratic direction, and some time later teamed up with CHRIS REEVES, vocals / guitar, and a non musician, MARC GLODER ( FRENCHIE ) a punk, who was then forming an indie - punk record label called, FLICKNIFE RECORDS, which is now part of CHERRY RED RECORDS. Frenchie had a few lyrics, and wanted to put a band together with the Electric Chairs to be the first release on the then, new, FLICKNIFE label.

No Message

So, the musicians in the band started writing, recording, and producing, sharing lead vocal parts on verses and choruses, and mixing musical influences, and recorded the tracks, NO MESSAGE, a punky / ska track with conversely, a lot of messages, and a cover version of, SHAKE SOME ACTION, originally recorded by 60's band, THE FLAMING GROOVIES. NO MESSAGE,and SHAKE SOME ACTION,was then released as a single in 1980 on, FLICKNIFE RECORDS, under the band name of, THE MYSTERE FIVE.

The Punk Collection
Label: Anag Punk [Chry Red]
Catalog: #42

The track 'Shake some Action' was re-released in 1995 and 2002 on
Flicknife Records: The Punk Collection (Captain Oi Records)
You can purchase The Punk Collection at Amazon

The Mystere Five

No Message
Lyrics by: Johnson/Haller/Reeves/Padovani/Gloder
Music: Johnson/Haller/Reeves/Padovani

John (JJ) Johnson:Drums/Percussion/Lead and Backing Vocals
Chris Reeves: Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals
Val Haller: Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals
Henri Padovani: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Frenchie: Backing Vocals

Shake some Action

Lyrics/Song: Flaming Groovies
Re-Arrangement: Johnson, Haller, Padovani, Reeves

John (JJ) Johnson: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Chris Reeves: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Henri Padovani: Guitar, Reverse Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Val Haller: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals

Produced by The Mystere Five

Mystere Five

No Message/Shake some Action

Never say thank you/Heart rules the Head

Flying Lizards

Thomas Dolby


The Skids


The Skids video 'Iona' taken from Joy album
(Youtube broadcast)

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This was followed by the release of the second MYSTERE FIVE single at the end of 1980, NEVER SAY THANK YOU and HEART RULES THE HEAD, recorded this time without Chris Reeves and written, performed, and produced by J.J., VAL, and HENRI.

THE MYSTERE FIVE, as the name suggests, had a deliberately anonymous and mysterious image not revealing who the band members were, and this was reflected on their single covers. The singles were recorded with minimum resources, but created a big impact when released, receiving glowing reveiws, high placings in the indie charts, and a lot of airplay especially in the U.K.and Europe. (see above).

Never say Thank-you
Flicknife RecordsCat No FLS202

Never Say Thank You
Lyrics: Val Haller/Marc Gloder
Music: Johnson/Haller/Padovani

Val Haller: Lead and backing Vocals,keyboards.
John (JJ) Johnson: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Henri Padovani: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals

Heart rules the Head
Lyrics: John (JJ) Johnson
Music: Johnson/Haller/Padovani

John (JJ) Johnson: Lead Vocals, Drums, Backing Vocals, Trumpet
Val Haller
: Backing Vocals,keyboards.
Henri Padovani: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals

Produced by The Mystere Five

FLICKNIFE RECORDS, was bought by CHERRY RED RECORDS, at www. in the early 1990's, and these records may or may not still be availiable through them.

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