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1981 was a busy year for J.J., and the early part of it was spent working, developing, and recording new rhythmic songs with a band called THE LAST DANCE, which also featured DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN on keyboards (who later worked on the G.B.M. albums and singles with J.J.). Alot of good tracks were recorded and although they created a lot music business interest, they were never released.

Drama of Exile LP - Nico

This was followed by J.J. playing arabic percussion and trumpet on THE VELVET UNDERGROUNDS, NICO's, solo album, THE DRAMA OF EXILE L.P, playing on two songs, ORLY FLIGHT, and THE SPHINX.

FR LP Invisible Records C 3813
June 1983

Re-released 17/11/1991:(LP)Cat no.CS LP Tomk TK 0002-1311
Re-released 21/03/1996 : FR Buda Records Cat No. 92647-2
Re-released 1998 : (CD) Cat no. CS Tomk TK 0002-2311

Icon - Nico The album was re-released in 1996 and again in July 2001 on Cleopatra Records, re-named as 'ICON'.
CLEO 9709
July 2001
Nico - Femme Fatale A further selection of tracks taken from The Drama of Exile LP appear on Nico's album FEMME FATALE

Castle Records/Sanctuary Group Cat No CM 000732 2003

Throughout 1981 J.J.and DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN, had already been working and recording together in a small East London recording studio, which would later form the basis of the G.B.M. project, and the album and three singles.

Mystere Five

Flying Lizards

Thomas Dolby


The Skids

Russell Webb

Richard Jobson


The Skids video 'Iona' taken from Joy album
(Youtube broadcast)



Joy LP

Virgin Records
cat no. V2217
Released Dec 81

During this period, around June 1981, J.J. was approached by Richard Jobson and Russell Webb of Scottish band The Skids to play drums and percussion on the last Skid's album entitled, 'JOY'. The album was rehearsed and recorded through July, August, and September 1981 at BRITTANIA ROW STUDIOS in London. The album marked a radical change of direction for the Skids, Richard Jobson and Russell Webb having just split from Stuart Adamson, who had gone off and formed the band, Big Country. Richard and Russell meanwhile, were moving in a more Scottish folk musical direction.

Russell Webb, who also produced, co- wrote and performed on the album explains,

Back cover JOY lp


"It was an attempt of reinventing the most ancient forms of musical expression, (folk music, traveling storytellers) using the most advanced technology and production values available at the time, coupled with basic acoustic instruments and sounds.We mixed hairy arsed Scottish folk singers, with demure English classical musicettes, it brought out an underlying sexual tension, that, on reflection was vital in creating a new life, from this unlikely parentage, diverse background, and history. "

The album was released in December 1981 on VIRGIN RECORDS, (cat no. V2217 ). Because of the unpredictability and intensity of the album coupled with the change in musical direction, which went against the musical fashion of the time, the press gave the album mixed review's. Nevertheless JOY received loads of airplay, and contained some brilliant songs, the track listing taken from the back cover of the album being:




Joy Track listing

NB Kenny Hyslop plays drums on the track ' Iona' and Russell Webb plays drums on 'Fields'


The band shot a video to promote the album and single, and recorded a BBC radio session, but never gigged, due to company promotion problems.

After the release of the JOY album and the demise of the Skids, Richard Jobson and Russell Webb went on to form The Armoury Show along with ex-Siouxie and the Banshee's guitarist John McGeogh and ex-Magazine drummer John Doyle. They released the album Waiting for The Floods in 1985 on EMI America to a lot of critical acclaim. The Album was re-released in March 2002 on Track records (Cat No. Track 1008CD).The Armoury Show toured extensively for three years until the band fragmented in 1989. John McGeogh went on to join PIL.

Unfortunately as well as the tragic loss of The Skids and Big Country co-founder Stuart Adamson, in December 2001, the innovative and influential guitarist John McGeogh also died suddenly in March 2004.

RUSSELL WEBB is now a games inventor, and has invented the game 'LOST'.
Contact Russell Webb

Richard Jobson is now a script writer and film Director and has released the award winning film,
'16 Years of Alcohol', set in Edinburgh, Scotland around the culture of gang violence,
starring Kevin McKidd, Laura Fraser, Susan Lynch and Ewen Bremner.

Set in Edinburgh in three distinct periods in the life of Frankie Mac, 16 Years of Alcohol provides a challenging introduction to a man's belief in the meaning of hope.


Before the release of the JOY album through October, November, and December 1981, J.J. sat in on drums with SHAKE-SHAKE, a band co-formed by DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN on keyboads, who had just released a single on the COMPACT DISC label. Shake-Shake toured SPAIN, playing various venues and clubs such as STUDIO 54 in Barcelona and others in Valencia and Madrid. as well as appearing on several T.V. shows. Although the tour was successful, the band returned to England at the end of December, and went in different musical directions to work in other bands / musical projects.



10.30 on a summer Night
Ten-thirty on a Summer Night
Les Disques du Crepuscule
Cat no.TWI 129
Released 1982

During September 1981, J.J. played drums and percussion on RICHARD JOBSONS poetry album,
" TEN THIRTY ON A SUMMERS NIGHT ", performing on the track, THE END OF THE STORM, along with the keyboard player and guitarist from THE BOOMTOWN RATS, who were also performing on the album.

The album was released in mid 1982 on the Belgium label LES DISQUES DU CREPESCULE.

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