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Low Noise-the Jungle Line

Happy Birthday Records
(cat no.UR5)

Meanwhile, In Early 1981, J.J. was asked to join ex Soft Boy's Stalwart Robyn Hitchcock, Later Of Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, and Matthew Seligman to rehearse and play some gigs, one of which was at The Hope & Anchor, in London. The gig was interesting, and a young Thomas Dolby, (Later of, She Blinded Me With Science, and Hyperactive, Singles Fame ), who was in the audience at the time, approached JJ   to play drums and percussion on a new version of the Joni Mitchell Song, Jungle Line. The original song had a sampled Burundi rhythm track on it, and Thomas Dolby wanted to record a more updated 80's electronic version, requiring massive layers of drum & percussion rhythms and electronic treatments.

After an all night session at London's Marcus Berry Studios with Thomas Dolby and JJ recording the rhythm tracks, followed by Thomas performing synth and lead and backing vocals, with bass guitar added later by Matthew Seligman. Guitar was added and the tracks mixed, at a later studio session.

An EP was recorded for a small UK independent record label called Happy Birthday Records, and released in August 1981, Under the name of Low Noise, (Cat No.UR5), with the tracks, Jungle Line, Urban Tribal, and jungle line instrumental version, and apart from Thomas Dolby And J.J. Also featured, Matthew Seligman, On Bass, and Kevin Armstrong on Guitar.

The full Jungle Line credits being,

Thomas Dolby - Vocals, Synths, Production, Treatments.

John (JJ) Johnson - Drums,Tom Toms,Bongos,Tamborine/Marraca's,Chinese Cymbals/Gongs.

Matthew Seligman - Bass Guitar (Subsonics )

Kevin Armstrong - Guitar

  Engineer - Tim Hunt.

Jungle Line
Urban Tribal

Jungle Line instrumental

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JUNGLE LINE was fairly successful, being used on TV on one ofTHE COMIC STRIP episodes, and was a club hit in New York. J.J. co- performed the track, with Dolby's band several months later at the MARQUEE CLUB and on a video compilation recorded at RIVERSIDE STUDIOS in London, shortly after Thomas Dolby had signed to EMI records.

THOMAS DOLBY, or THOMAS DOLBY ROBERTSON, as he is now known, is a leading music software developer, and has developed an online music sampling and mixing system called, BEATNIK, as well as, many other tools. Details can be found at WWW. BEATNIK.COM

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