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What can you say about the Legendary MOTORHEAD founder and Ex-HAWKWIND Member ‘LEMMY’, and add to all the Plaudits from around the World that has not already been said?

Unfortunately, Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister passed away on Boxing Day 2015.

Lemmy performing with Motorhead

Photo: Metalchris @FlickrMetalchris on Flickr

I was a naïve 18 year old member of a three piece Heavy Rock Band called Cherokee Smith, based in Nottinghamshire from 1968 to 1970.
This Band played several early support slot gigs to headliners HAWKWIND, which was quite an experience, as I was exposed to their unique, innovative Music and surreal Universe.

Cherokee Smith’s Manager (Mike O’Toole) was a friend of DOUG SMITH, then Manager of HAWKWIND and later MOTORHEAD.

Doug had at that time recently co-formed CLEARWATER PRODUCTIONS  and Booking Agency to obtain gigs for his Bands HAWKWIND, COCHISE, HIGH TIDE and GRAPHITE.
And Mike O’Toole had amazingly secured ‘Cherokee Smith’ some support gigs with these Bands.

‘LEMMY’ was not yet part of HAWKWIND at this time and didn’t join the Band until 1971, but after moving down to London from Nottinghamshire and squatting in Kensington for a few years, I eventually met him, by chance, after a Girlfriend and myself were invited to writer Mick Farren's (of The Deviants and Pink Fairies fame) apartment situated just off Ladbroke Grove.

Lemmy was in good spirits, very friendly, very up and raving about his new Band that he had had just formed; when asked what it was called he said, " It’s called BASTARD! "

Everyone in the room laughed !

Lemmy later changed the name to MOTORHEAD  shortly after being advised by his Manager that he wouldn’t get on Top Of The Pops with a name like ‘BASTARD’.

It was a fun evening and we eventually moved on to Lemmy’ flat in Gunter Grove in Fulham, and had more laughs.

I didn’t see Lemmy again until 1977 and throughout Punk, He would be seen around London Punk Venues at the Bar or playing the video game machines.

One of his favourite haunts at that time was the Bar at the Music Venue  ‘THE MUSIC MACHINE ’ in Camden, (now called KOKO.)
A lot of  Punks were not very accepting of people or Bands from the “Old Wave” at that time, but LEMMY and MOTORHEAD sailed right through all of that, and many Punks became his and the Band's Fans.

I lost touch with him shortly after this period, as he and MOTORHEAD continued their Prolific ascent of Gigs, Tours, and Records over the next 38 years.

Probably driven by his Philosophy of “LIVE FAST KEEP GOING !”   

FAREWELL ‘LEMMY’ R.I.P. Thanks for the Songs, the Music, the Energy, the straight talking, The Northern sense of humour, for not compromising and being Yourself.



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