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Coochies Bream
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Coochies Bream

Coochies Bream

Another new release, but with a totally different flavour, the Coochies Bream EP is a seperate band/project that also features John (JJ) Johnson who performed, co - wrote and co - produced, along with Mark Eason and Nicki Sarzi-Braga.

The EP is an uncompromising mix of songs / tracks of various influences, from experimental Indie rock to early Roxy Music, Atmospheric soundtracks, and beyond, with female lead vocals.


John (JJ) Johnson, real Drums/percussion, Vocals, Synth

Mark Eason, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Sitar

Nicky Sarzi-Braga, Vocals.

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Coochies Bream Track listing

1. Night Tripping Canary ( Eason, Johnson, Sarzi-Braga)
Mark Eason : Bass, Guitar
Nicky Sarzi-Braga : Vocals
John (JJ) Johnson : Drums


2. Larger Diamonds (Johnson, Sarzi-Braga, Eason)
Nicky Sarzi-Braga : Vocals
John (JJ) Johnson : Vocals, Synth, Drums
Mark Eason : Bass


3. Canned Flutes (Johnson, Eason, Sarzi-Braga)
John(JJ)Johnson : Drums / Percussion, Vocals
Mark Eason : Sitar, Flute, Basses
Nicky Sarzi-Braga : Vocals
Fabian Eason : B / Vocals


4. Slipshod (Eason, Johnson, Sarzi-Braga)
Nicky Sarzi-Braga : Vocals
Mark Eason : Bass, Guitars
John (JJ) Johnson : Drums.


5. Larger Diamonds (version 2) (Johnson, Sazi-Braga, Eason)
Nicky Sarzi-Braga : Vocals
John(JJ)Johnson : Vocals, Synth, Drums
Mark Eason : Bass
Fabian Eason : Dub Bass


Mixed by John (JJ) Johnson and Fabian Eason
at Bitchett Green, Autumn 2002

Engineers:Basic tracks recorded by Phil Mills at Cryptic Studios, Leeuwarden,NL dec 2001. Overdubs recorded by Lord Waldorf of Wouldham at Red Studios, Rochester, Kent. Spring 2002.

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The Alien Piers.org


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Coochies Bream on Myspace

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