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GBM Releases New Tracks
The Official downloads of unheard GBM tracks were released on 29th March 2019, through CDBaby. The GBM tracks from the late 1980's, the "Cave Studio sessions", will be part of an album that will also feature new tracks by GBM.

The EP features two tracks, Paradise Lost and Rough Justice.

All instruments with vocals performed by John (JJ) Johnson.

Cover Art: John (JJ) Johnson

Paradise Lost is an emotional ballad full of impossible dreaming and transcendence, using Prophet V synth, real instruments, drums and early drum programming.

  • Lead vocals, backing vocals, Electric piano, Prophet V synth, real drums and percussion, Roland 606 drum programming, sound engineering, Producer, and Mix:  John (JJ) Johnson
  • Backing vocals: Russell Webb
  • Additional Sound engineering: Russell Webb
  • Written by John (JJ) Johnson (GBM)

Rough Justice is an unconventional Groove Track with a Universal Message featuring a fluid freeform Hammond Style organ played on the Prophet V synth. 

  • Lead vocals, backing vocals, Electric piano, Prophet V synth, Bass Sequencing, real drums and percussion, sound engineering and Producer, John (JJ) Johnson.
  • Written by John (JJ) Johnson (GBM)
Cover Art: John (JJ) Johnson

Still from 'Can it be? Unconditional''Can it be? Unconditional'

The film, Can it be? Unconditional is presented in an original and unusual way with interaction between words, images, rhythm, music and electronica and concludes with a universal message/question.

The film soundtrack also called, Can it be? Unconditional, is available on CD and download.

Produced and directed: John (JJ) Johnson
Soundtrack: GBM ( John (JJ) Johnson)
© GBM 2005

Watch the video 'Can it be? Unconditional'

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'Can it be? Unconditional' on CD and digital download avaialble at CDBABY, iTunes and other online stores
GBM Soundtracks

GBM Soundtracks

GBM have released the 'GBM Soundtracks' Album that brings together seven tracks taken from the soundtracks of Short films including,' Can it be? Unconditional ', 'Blue Gene Baby and others. The music ranges from Electronica, spoken word, ambient, and techno-hybrid genres.


GBM have released an original track 'Can it be? UNCONDITIONAL'
on the GBM Media label.

The single is in an original Dance / Groove / Electronica / Song / Crossover genre, with a universal message/question.

Can it be ? UNCONDITIONAL (4.36)
Can it be ?  Unconditional
( alternative mix ) (4.26)
Weightless ( 4.33 )


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Digital downloads

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GBM film, 'Can it be? Unconditional' is an entry in the

Babelgum Online Film Festival (BOFF 3)

Voting is now closed

'Can it be? Unconditional' selected for the Cannes Film Festival

The 3rd CANNES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: CANNES FRANCE, will be held between MAY 12-23, 2010.

Screening details to follow

'Can it be ? Unconditional' OFFICIAL SELECTION

British Film Festival Los Angeles 2009

Redondo Beach, Los Angeles
3rd - 9th May 2009

Visit British Film Festival Los Angeles 2009 >>

'Can it be ? Unconditional' OFFICIAL SELECTION

El Sawy International Film Festival
Cairo, Egypt
April 5th - 10th 2009

Can it be ? Unconditional' OFFICIAL SELECTION

Swansea Bay film Festival 2009

Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales UK May 30th - June 6th 2009

Swansea Bay film Festival

''Can it be ? Unconditional' NOMINATED OFFICIAL SELECTION International Film Festival England 2008

'Can it be ? Unconditional ' nominated for a 'Heart of England' Award in the Music based video category at the International Film Festival England Tamworth, UK June 2008.

International Film Festival England, Tamworth UK
International Film Festival England, Tamworth UK

ReelHeART International film Festival (RHIFF) screening 'Can it be ? Unconditional '

Can it be ? Unconditional ' was selected and screened at the ReelHeART International film Festival (RHIFF) in Toronto Canada June 2007.

RHIFF Festival website >>

ReelHeART international Film Festival website

Propeller TV broadcast ' Can it be ? Unconditional '

Propeller TV broadcast GBM 's film ' Can it be ? Unconditional ' on SKY channel 195 as part of a 5 week schedule.

' Can it be ? Unconditional's ' transmissions ran December 2006- April 2007(UK and Europe)


Propeller TV

Still from 'Can it be? Unconditional'

Sky channel 195

GBM film at Super Shorts Festival, London

Can it be? Unconditional was shown as part of the Super Shorts Film Festival (London, UK) which took place from 17 July to 21 July 2006 and toured to major UK cities during 2006 - 7.

Super shorts film festiva; 2006

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