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GBM film, 'Can it be? Unconditional' is an entry in the Babelgum Online Film Festival (BOFF 3)

Voting is now closed

Can it be? Unconditional Film info>>

Gene Simmons and The Electric Chairs name

The Skids Fan Gathering

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Coochies Bream release

Ramones: End of Century

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Don Letts

Jayne County and "The Electric Chairs" - (not the original band)


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'Can it be? Unconditional' selected for the Cannes Film Festival

The 3rd CANNES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: CANNES FRANCE, was held between MAY 12-23, 2010.


ReelHeART International film Festival (RHIFF) select 'Can it be ? Unconditional '

Can it be ? Unconditional ' has been selected for ReelHeART International film Festival (RHIFF) which took place in Toronto Canada June 18-23, 2007.

RHIFF Festival website >>

Propeller TV

Still from 'Can it be? Unconditional'

Sky channel 195


Propeller TV broadcast ' Can it be ? Unconditional '

Propeller TV will be broadcasting GBM 's film ' Can it be ? Unconditional ' on SKY channel 195 as part of a 5 week schedule.
' Can it be ? Unconditional's ' first Propeller transmissions ran between December 2006 and April 2007(UK and Europe)


View the film >>

Super shorts film festival

Official selection

'Can it be? Unconditional' selected for the Super Shorts Film Festival(London, UK) which took place from 17 July to 21 July 2006 and toured to major UK cities 2006 -2007.

Screening details more info >>


Drumpunk is on Myspace

Drumpunk is now on Myspace, featuring releases by GBM.


The first Electric Chairs release 1977

'The Electric Chairs1977' EP, the Bands first release.
The original line up
Left to Right:JJ Johnson, Wayne County,Greg Van Cook,Val Haller
(Click image to enlarge)

Electric Chairs

'The Electric Chairs' first Album, line up from early 1977 to mid 78
Left to Right:Greg Van Cook, JJ Johnson, Wayne County,Val Haller
(Click image to enlarge)

?The second line up of The electric Chairs
The second line up of The Electric Chairs from mid 1978 to 79
Left to Right:Val Haller, Eliot Michaels(back), Wayne County(front), Henry Padovani, JJ Johnson, (Click image to enlarge)
The Electric Chairs 1979
The Electric Chairs late 79 Left to Right:Henry Padovani, JJ Johnson (top), Val Haller (bottom)
(Click image to enlarge)

What's in a Name ?

In a bizarre twist and turn of events, which must set some sort of new ethical and legal precedent, Gene Simmons (of the Band KISS ), on his TV show 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels', introduced the world to his son Nicky Simmon's band, which was to be named 'Nicky Simmons and The Electric Chairs'.

Gene Simmons has since distanced himself and his son from using the name, 'The Electric Chairs', and has posted an apology on a message board.

This was apparently brought about by fans of Wayne/Jane County and the Electric Chairs, contacting the TV station (AETV USA) and complaining by email, telephone and by posting their objections on message boards across the world wide web, pointing out that the name The Electric Chairs has been used since early 1977.
( see www.punkglobe.com for details )

The name was first used by the original Band members, Wayne, now Jayne County,Greg Van Cook, Val Haller, and JJ Johnson, on gigs and tours and the first record release, 'The Electric Chairs 1977 ' EP, on Illegal records followed by the singles,' F**k Off ', 'Eddie and Sheena ' etc and the first LP, 'The Electric Chairs', released in early 1978 on Safari Records.

Guitarist Greg Van Cook was then replaced in mid 1978 by Henry Padovani, and Eliot Michaels, and the Band released the second LP, ' Storm the Gates of Heaven', in late 78, and the third LP, 'Things your Mother Never Told You', in 1979, also on Safari Records.

In late 79 Val Haller, JJ Johnson,and Henry Padovani, split from Wayne/Jane County, and released the single, So Many Ways, J'attends Les Marines, under the name of 'The Electric Chairs'.

The Band then split and dispersed into various other Bands and projects in late 1980.

Since 1980 Jayne County has also intermittently used the name 'The Electric Chairs', on various gigs and a DVD and CD releases, with various backing Bands and musicians passing through them.

In this modern age, especially where a lot of Bands are reforming, the trend appears to be a Band name can be a transient entity where anybody can be in it, which must be of concern, and confusion to Musicians, Bands, and Audiences alike.

And may provoke the Question,

" Who are The Electric Chairs ?" ..........

Digital downloads latest

Digital Downloads are now available through these digital distribution partners

GBM are featured on the Electrogarden network

The Electrogarden Network

Radio 2XS

Airplay Radio2xs

GBM's single  ' Can it be ? Unconditional
has been on the playlist at Radio2xs.com. Radio2xs aims to play all the best new Alternative releases from a variety of genres, mixed with New Talent and credible music from the past 40 years of rock'n'roll.

The GBM single is also receiving play out across Europe and other internet radio stations.

Hear the GBM single

Exclusive Preview of tracks by ex-Screaming Blue Messiah's frontman Bill Carter, John (JJ) Johnson & Sarah Corina of The Mekons
Coochies Bream

Coochies Bream

Another new release, but with a totally different flavour, the Coochies Bream EP is a seperate band/project that also features John (JJ) Johnson who performed, co - wrote and co - produced, along with Mark Eason and Nicki Sarzi-Braga.

More on Coochie's Bream EP

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Tartan Films are proud to announce to the release of Ramones: End Of The Century on January 7th 2005, a vibrant, candid document of one of the most influential groups in the history of rock.

Preview Ramones film

Ramones End of Century

A message from Lynne Cameron of the Marky Ramone Fan Site

"Marky Ramone wrote to me on 14th April and asked me to inform people that he will no longer be playing with Jerry Only (Misfts)  and Dez Cadena (Black Flag) anymore. Marky will not be appearing with the Misfits on their next European Tour. After four years of playing with the Misfits, Marky feels he has to move on and he will be doing mainly Ramones related things.  Marky's commitment at this point is to keep the Ramones' legacy alive. "


Punk attitude

Punk: attitude - a film by Don Letts

The film celebrates the 30th birthday of Punk, exploring Punk as an attitude and a way of life. Punk:Attitude is the definitive story of Punk from its roots, right up until the present day with bands such as GreenDay and Blink 182.
The film has a top cast including Siouxie Sioux, Henry Rollins, members of The Clash, The Slits and The Sex Pistols.


Punk Attitude at Amazon.co.uk
( UK version )

Jayne County and "The Electric Chairs"
(not the original band members)
have released a DVD called 'Man enough to be a Woman' and are playing some British gigs.



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