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Whistling in the Dark cover
Whistling in the Dark
Released: Sept 83
Catno. interdisc IN-6
Review whistling in the Dark

The release of the album was followed by the third single WHISTLING IN THE DARK also released in late September 83. All tracks were published by WARNER BROTHERS MUSIC LTD.

G.B.M. had never aspired to be a conventional band / duo, always attempting to move in a more challenging, original direction and sound, giving its members a lot of musical freedom, which in itself created complications.

Although G.B.M. achieved musically what it set out to do, G.B.M. never gigged, despite the original intention being to do live shows.

Also, throughout this period, separate and musically opposite to G.B.M., was the complication that Duncan Bridgeman was part of funk / pop band, I LEVEL, and had signed to VIRGIN RECORDS which eventually led to contractual / commitment problems and made it impossible for the duo to work together.

N.B. RE-RELEASES of these tracks may be available in the near future, dependent on legal and technical difficulties being resolved.



Strange News

Diction and Fiction

Method in the Madness

Whistling in the Dark

Cave Studios


JOHN JOHNSON, meanwhile continued G.B.M. through the 1980's, building CAVE STUDIOS, in Kings Cross, London and working solo, wrote and recorded a second G.B.M. album, which went unreleased, partly because of the record companies changing fortunes, and a change in musical direction. J.J. became involved with the performing, recording, and production of other bands passing through CAVE STUDIOS, and then later experimented with film and film soundtracks.




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