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Gardening by Moonlight

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About GBM

G. B. M. (Gardening by Moonlight)

In early 1982, J.J. and DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN decided to dedicate more time to the G.B.M. project. J.J. wanted to express more through lyrics / song / production, as well as different rythymic influences to the ones that had been used in dance music at that time; some songs, later recorded on the G.B.M. L.P. & singles, having a gaelic rhythmic / melodic lilt, and others, having a more hybrid rhythmic / melodic direction, an attempt at reinventing song and dance music, with a very personalised and British / local, influence and identity, mixed with various extremes of electronics, F.X. and synths. With the emphasis being on, "FEEL".

The duo then, started demo-recording an albums worth of songs, J.J. taking on lyrics, lead & backing vocals, drums & percussion, composition and co- production, and Duncan on keyboards, co-composition and co-production. The recording and writing process took about a year, in between other commitments, and numerous approaches to record companies. Then eventually, after complex negotiations, J.J. signed to, INTERDISC RECORDS, which was part of the ISLAND RECORDS label.

Strange News record cover

The first G.B.M. release on that label was STRANGE NEWS / IS IT SAFE, a 7 inch single, (cat no. M P E 2 ), and STRANGE NEWS, ext mix STRANGE VEIWS ( IS IT SAFE? ), mixed by G.B.M. and STRANGE CLUES, dub mix, which was mixed by ADRIAN SHERWOOD of ON-U- SOUND, on the 12" single.They were released in February 1983.

The singles got a brilliant reaction from the press and in the clubs, especially the 12 inch version, and got loads of airplay. By this point J.J. had dropped his nickname, and reverted to his real name, JOHN JOHNSON and was credited as such on the records.

7" Single:
cat no. IN-3
12" Single:

cat no.
M P E 2
Febuary 1983


Strange News

Diction and Fiction

Method in the Madness

Whistling in the Dark

Cave Studios


Because of the interest and reponse generated by STRANGE NEWS, the record company wanted to follow through with a second single, and an album. The G.B.M. duo, then started recording at THE CHAPEL 24 track studio in rural Lincolnshire, recording album tracks including the second single DICTION AND FICTION.

DICTION AND FICTION was released on 23rd of May 1983 in a 7" ( cat no.IN-3 ) version, containing the tracks:
B side
12 inch ( cat no.
12 IN-3 )Club mix version with the track DICTION AND FICTION extended mix.

The single recieved good / mixed reveiws and airplay, but was not greeted with the same sort of enthusiasim as the first single, although it got lots of club play. The recording and promotion continued, G.B.M., then doing a promo - video of DICTION & FICTION, although some reactions and reponses from the press indicated that they preffered the more extreme musical direction of the first single, STRANGE NEWS, to the more conventional DICTION & FICTION.
Diction and fiction record cover

Diction and Fiction
7 inch single
Cat no.IN-3
12inch single Cat. no. 12 IN-3
May 1983

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