The Electric Chairs

 Wayne county and The Electric Chairs

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
I had too much to Dream Last Night

German TV 1978 YouTube Broadcast


Cry of Angels
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
German TV 1978


The Punk Rock Movie

Available in USA and Canada only

Wayne County and The Electric Chairs appear in Don Lett's Punk Rock Movie (1978) performing the tracks, 'Fuck Off ' and 'You make me cream in my jeans' at The Roxy Club, London.

Most of the bands were filmed at the Roxy club in London, where Don Letts worked as a DJ. Letts filmed the bands very simply with a Super-8 camera.

Jubilee - the film

DEREK JARMANS JUBILEE, 1978, the Band appears in the Film performing the track Paranoia Paradise

Released on DVD

Punk in London DVD

The Electric Chairs are featured in live performance at the Vortex club 1977 Featured track (You Make Me) Cream In My Jeans



Electric Chairs Discography

Electric Chairs videos

Early Days
Sex Pistols

Electric Chairs First release
Jubilee soundtrack
Reading Festival 77
Safari Records

First LP
Storm the gates of Heaven
Punk Rock movie
Things Your mother Never told you
John Peel Session
So Many Ways


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