Wayne County and The Electric Chairs

  Wayne county and The Electric chairs

Reading Festival

Electric Chairs play Reading Festival

The two weeks leading up to, and during the first two and a half days of the festival was dogged by torrential rain, so the whole place was a real mud bath, with large lakes of mud and water in between the massive audience of mud people/rock fans, coupled with aggressive security, led to an ugly atmosphere. The event was mainly a rock music one, with THIN LIZZY topping the bill. THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS hit the stage, playing after HAWKWIND and before THE DOOBIE BROTHERS. The "Chairs" had their on-stage sound sabotaged by the hippie soundmen, who misguidedly thought that the band were fascists. The band hammered on regardless through five numbers, getting a great response until, a handful of die hard, mud people/rock fans in the front row decided to hurl mud bombs and missiles at the band.

Eventually, this onslaught took out the drum kit, mikes, and amps. J.J. responded by throwing the mud bombs back ,and the whole thing descended into an hilarious mud fight between the audience and the band, leaving the stage a foot deep in mud. So, shovels and yard brushes and not guitars were the order of the day. Despite this, it still remains one of J.J.'s all time favourite gigs.

An extract of northern punk fanzine, LOOK NORTH


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